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New Student Special
25.00 125.00


+Enrollment fee

+Four classes

(A $125+ value! This offer is only available to new students. After first four classes, pay as you go - no charge if absent.)

Bronze Package
50.00 75.00


+Enrollment fee

A $75 value!

Silver Package (Our Most Popular!!)
75.00 115.00


+Enrollment fee

+$25 class card

+One (1) pair of tights voucher

A $115 value!

Gold Package
100.00 155.00


+Enrollment fee

+$50 class card

+Two (2) pairs of tights voucher

A $155 value!

Platinum Package
250.00 405.00


+Enrollment Fee

+$250 class card

+$50 recital ticket voucher

+Two (2) pairs of tights voucher

A $405 value!

Regular Class Rates (2018-19)

30 minute class: $6.25 per session

45 minute class: $9.25 per session

1 hour class: $12.50 per session

90 minute class: $18.75 per session

2 hour class: $25.00 per session

At Anita's Dance Center, classes are pay-as-you-go. That means no charge and no hassle if your student is absent. (This excludes some Midwest Connection Dance Company classes.)

Ask us about private lessons and Birthday parties!