Class Offerings

Anita's Dance Center is proud to offer an extensive class selection for all dancers beginning at age 2, including boys classes and father / daughter dances (available in the spring).

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Classes are paid weekly - no charge if absent.

2018-19 Class Schedule:

Ages 2 - 3
Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pre-Ballet for Parent & Child
(30 min)
5:00pm 1:15pm
Ages 3 - 5
Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Beginning Tap & Ballet
(1 Hour)
5:30pm 1:45pm 10:00am
Returning Tap & Ballet (1 Hour)
Returning Tap / Ballet / Jazz (90 min)
Ages 6 - 8
Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tap & Ballet (1 Hour)
Tap / Ballet / Jazz (90 min)
6:00pm 4:30pm
Classical Ballet (1 Hour) 5:00pm
Hip-Hop (45 minutes) 5:30pm 7:00pm
Poms / Hip-Hop (1 Hour) 7:00pm
Boys Crew Hip-Hop (45 min) 6:30pm
Ages 9 - 12
Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tap / Ballet / Jazz (1.5 hours)
7:00pm 9:45am
Pointe (Approval Required; 45 min) 8:15pm
Pre-Pointe (Approval Required; 45 minutes) 8:15pm
Hip-Hop (45 minutes) 7:30pm 7:00pm
Poms / Hip-Hop (1 Hour) 5:45pm
Boys Crew II Tap / Hip-Hop (1 Hour) 7:45pm
Ages 13 - 18
Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tap / Ballet / Jazz / Hip-Hop (1.5 Hours) 7:00pm
Classical Ballet (Approval Required; 2 Hours) 6:30pm
Pointe (Approval Required; 45 min) 8:30pm
Jumps & Turns / Lyrical / Hip-Hop Combo (1.5 Hours) 11:30am

This schedule is subject to change.



30 minute weekly parent and child introduction to dance (for 2 to 3-year-olds); dancers explore basic dance principles and rhythms through movement.

$6.25 per session.


Beginner Tap / Ballet

1 hour combo class for ages 3-5; recommended for beginners and our younger students; dancers learn ballet terminology and flexibility; basic tap skills are taught through fun and upbeat music.

$12.50 per session.


Continuing Tap / Ballet / Jazz / Hip-Hop

60 or 90 minute combo class; a great variety of dance education in a weekly 90 minute session; jazz / hip-hop optional; ages 3-18.

$12.50 - $18.75 per session.


Classical Ballet

1 hour class; pre-pointe class that prepares students in all disciplines of ballet; the basis for all forms of dance; ages 6 and up.

$12.50 per session.


Pointe / Pre-Pointe

45 minute pointe class; director approval and previous dance experience required; for the more advanced ballet student.

$9.25 per session.



45 minute class; includes basic techniques (street grooves, break dance) and all the latest hip-hop dance moves; ages 6 and up.

$9.25 per session.


Poms / Hip-Hop

1 hour class; combines hip-hop (street grooves, break dance) and poms (jumps, turns, flexibility, and pom routines).

$12.50 per session.


Boys Crew I and II

45 minute (hip-hop) or 1 hour (hip-hop / tap) all boys class; hip-hip combines street, groove, and break dance; ages 6 to 13.

$9.25 to $12.50 per session.

We also offer private lessons, birthday parties, and other special opportunities. Contact Us to learn more!